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Improving every aspect of your children’s development through different learning experiences.

Our preschool program offers a curriculum that stimulates both left and right brain activities. This is the stage where your children discover their own areas of interest and gain the motivation to hone skills acquired from them. Through various interactions, your child will begin to establish a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

We at Building Blocks Land believes that both caring and learning are a crucial part of children’s motivation to learn. That’s why our staff strive to implement an extensive curriculum and encouraging environment.

At this stage in their life, children are naturally curious and love to ask questions. They feel fulfilled when they do things by themselves and get compliments from it. Your little ones progress in their speech and literacy and refine their gross and motor skills.

Preschool (2-3 Years Old)

Language Arts and Literacy

To enhance their speaking skills and widen their vocabulary, we create opportunities for them to sing, chant, and perform plays. Our teachers will encourage them to read as many books as they can and retell the stories they’ve learned using pictures.

Three-year-old’s will listen to stories, retell them, and recite simple nursery rhymes. Classroom discussion will be implemented to give children an outlet to express their ideas. They will begin to recognize print and identify letters and names. We organize dramatic plays, using building blocks, and library visits to promote language development.


Your kids will start to learn about counting and recognizing numbers. They will be engaged in activities that build their coherence, identify shapes, measure items.

Children will learn how to sequence items, practice counting using age-appropriate tools, and solve simple math problems. Our teachers will guide your children in classifying objects.


We stimulate their natural need to explore their surroundings and learn from it. Our teachers give them every opportunity to use their problem-solving skills by implementing activities that involve investigation. We start teaching them to recognize the different parts of the bodies and to differentiate people, animals, and plants. Your little ones will also learn about the weather, seasons, and how things operate.

They will develop their observation and problem-solving skills. Your kids will gain basic knowledge on people, plants, animals, and weather.

Social and Emotional Development

Your little ones will learn to be independent as well as boost their ability to socialize through peer interaction. Building Blocks Land has a dramatic play center where your children can play and pretend with other kids.

We help your children develop their own sense of self and individuality through different activities that involve independent work and group work. Our teachers model suitable approaches to have kids express how they feel so that they can develop the ability to communicate with others effectively.

Gross and Fine Motor Development

Independence is reinforced as they practice their gross and fine motor skills. They develop their fine motor skills as they develop the following skills:

  • Feeding Themselves
  • Practice Writing
  • Using Scissors to Do Crafts
  • Completing Puzzles
  • And More

As for the gross motor skills, your children will develop the following skills:

  • Running
  • Climbing
  • Jumping
  • Walking Backwards
  • Throwing and Kicking the Ball
  • And More

The will also have fun with dancing and doing musical activities integrated into our daily routines.

Character Education
We believe that appropriate character-building is essential to children’s development. Therefore, each month, we introduce them to a broad range of traits, focusing on positive values, such as honesty, generosity, and patience to mold them into well-rounded, caring individuals in the future.

Do you want to know more about our Preschool 1 program? Kindly contact us or visit our location to know more.