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Giving your kids more opportunity to be independent, learn through experiences, and widen their vocabulary.

The curriculum designed for this program is focused on motivating children to explore and make progress at their own pace. It encourages children to build their own sense of individuality and style of creating opportunities, finishing tasks, and discovering new skills.

At this stage in their life, children are naturally curious and love to ask questions. They feel fulfilled when they do things by themselves and get compliments from it. Your little ones progress in their speech and literacy and refine their gross and motor skills.

Preschool 2 Curriculum

Language Arts and Literacy
Three-year-old’s will listen to stories, retell them, and recite simple nursery rhymes. Classroom discussion will be implemented to give children an outlet to express their ideas. They will begin to recognize print and identify letters and names. We organize dramatic plays, using building blocks, and library visits to promote language development.
Children will learn how to sequence items, practice counting using age-appropriate tools, and solve simple math problems. Our teachers will guide your children in classifying objects.
They will develop their observation and problem-solving skills. Your kids will gain basic knowledge on people, plants, animals, and weather.
Social and Emotional Development
We help your children develop their own sense of self and individuality through different activities that involve independent work and group work. Our teachers model suitable approaches to have kids express how they feel so that they can develop the ability to communicate with others effectively.
Gross and Fine Motor Development

We help them refine their fine motor skills in the following ways:

  • Molding Play Dough
  • Using Coloring Materials
  • Play with Puzzles
  • Wash and Dry Their Hands by Themselves
  • And More

As for the gross motor skills, we let your kids practice the following skills:

  • Running
  • Balancing on One Foot and Hopping
  • Jumping
  • Walking in a Straight Line
  • Throwing and Kicking the Ball
  • And Other Physical Activities
Character Education
We believe that appropriate character-building is essential to children’s development. Therefore, each month, we introduce them to a broad range of traits, focusing on positive values, such as respect, empathy, and diligence to mold them into competent and successful individuals in the future.

Do you want to know more about our Preschool 2 program? Kindly contact us or visit our location to know more.