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Providing a safe and loving environment for your children to adjust to new experiences.

Leaving your little one for the first time can be a struggle for any parent. But when you entrust your little one with us at Building Blocks Land, we work to gain your trust in providing the proper intentional and responsive care your infant needs. We guide them through their daily routine, nurturing their curiosity and forming a positive relationship with them to help them feel safe.

Infant Curriculum

Cognitive Skills
Infants start to accumulate memories, develop their language skills, and familiarize sounds. They learn through touching and tasting objects. As they stay in our facility, your little one will be able to acquire knowledge through hands-on learning with the use of various textured materials, one-on-one interaction with the caregiver, and simple wooden puzzles for them to assemble.
Communication Skills
As they improve their skills to communicate, infants will begin to express their needs and wants. We believe it is essential for our teachers to constantly communicate with your children, therefore, they read books and poems and sing songs with your little ones.
Emotional Skills
This skill involves your little ones to feel safe with the adults in their lives and secure in their environment. Our teachers help them build trust and form relationships by observing your children’s signals and responding to it. They hug, cradle, and guide your children around the classroom while communicating with them about their surroundings.
Fine Motor Skills
We help develop your infant’s hand movements by teaching them how to grasp items, feed themselves, color on paper, mold clay, wave hello and goodbye to the people they know.
Gross Motor Skills
The development of their gross motor skills involves their large muscle groups, such as those in their legs and arms. Infants will be able to hold up their heads, roll over, crawl, and pull themselves up. We use different physical activities to help them get used to such movement and promote positive reinforcement to encourage their progress.
Social Skills
The social skills the infant develops consist of grinning, imitating facial expressions, growing attachments to over people, and making eye contact with them. Our teachers educate your little ones on proper etiquette and appropriate social skills. They monitor your children as they form relationships with others through positive interactions.

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