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Preparing them for their next step in academic learning and personal growth.

For Pre-K program, we’ve provided a well-researched and innovative curriculum that gives your children the academic advantage as they transition to grade school. We have a low teacher-student ratio to make sure each child in the classroom is accommodated.

We at Building Blocks Land are a tight-knit community that nurtures the young minds of four-year-old’s for their step to kindergarten. We educate them in different aspects, such as math, science, vocabulary and social skills, and reinforce them throughout the year to prepare these children for school.

While your little ones are eager to learn new things, children will learn how to acquire knowledge independently and learn at their own pace. We take their needs and capabilities into consideration and formulate a curriculum that is aligned with the NYC Department of Education’s own curriculum and the Next Generation Standards.

Pre-K Curriculum

Language Arts and Literacy
Your kids will learn to put letters into words and form simple sentences. They will practice their writing skills by writing their names and other simple sentences on paper. They will practice their speaking skills through poem recitation, singing songs, and sharing stories.
In this curriculum, children will reinforce their knowledge on counting, comparing objects, and measuring. They will learn new skills such as completing patterns and making graphs.
Children will hone their skills in observations, identifying the different seasons, and chart the weather every day. They will learn how to grow plants, keep their surroundings clean, and how to recycle.
Social and Emotional Development
Kids will learn the value of friendship and showing meaningful gestures through activities implemented by our teachers. They will start to express how they feel, discuss it with others, and form bonds with people they can relate to.
Gross and Fine Motor Development

Four-year-old’s will be able to have good control of their fine motor skills and begin to:

  • Clothe Themselves
  • Serve Themselves and Passing Food to others During Meal Times
  • Scribble Words and Letters
  • And More

They will also gain more skills as they develop their gross motor skills and are capable of:

  • Playing Tag
  • Climb Ladders
  • Go Down Slides
  • And More
Character Education
We believe that reinforcing children’s knowledge on how important values are is crucial as they prepare themselves in their next stage of learning. This helps in creating a stable foundation for them to grow as well-rounded and capable individuals in the future.

Do you want to know more about our Pre-K program? Kindly contact us or visit our location to know more.