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Stimulating your children’s active mind through hands-on learning.

It is essential for your toddler to establish a strong foundation in language development by exposing them to a language enriched setting. Our competent educators introduce different activities that stimulate the brain through hands on learning. These activities encourage peer interaction, giving your kids the opportunity to form relationships with other kids. Socialization and positive reinforcement from teachers will give your little ones a head start in their journey to development.

Toddlers Curriculum

Cognitive Skills
We focus on helping toddlers learn new vocabulary, improving their movements, and connecting with their peers through songs, books, games, and plays. Our teachers guide them as they gain new experiences and form their imagination through naming colors, objects, and people.
Communication Skills
We start helping your kids improve their vocabulary by guiding them in identifying different objects in their surroundings. They also start to learn about good manners and etiquette as teachers train them to use expressions, such as “please” and “thank you,” among others.
Emotional Skills
Enhancing their emotional skills involves teacher-student encounters where teachers ask your child about his or her feelings and others are feeling as well.
Fine Motor Skills
The small muscle groups, like those in the fingers and hands, are developed as toddlers are encouraged to do things independently. Activities, such as washing their own hands and using dining utensils to feed themselves, are practiced at their own pace to promote their sense of accomplishment as they develop their skills in this aspect.
Gross Motor Skills
To develop their large muscle group, we provide toddlers a safe outdoor playground for them to move around and play. We also set up age-appropriate obstacle courses indoors to help develop them develop their skills to think as they move to finish it.
Social Skills
To improve their social skills, we at Building Blocks Land develop activities that promote positive social interactions, so your children can learn the value of sharing and respecting others. They will learn how to keep their toys, help others, and clean up their own mess, among others.

Do you want to know more about our Toddler’s program? Feel free to visit or contact us to know more.